No One Mourns The Wicked!

Every year my dancing school does a performance of a well known musicals. This time we did Wicked, which is a prequel to the wizard. Wicked shows how a lot of the main characters from The Wizard of Oz came to be. The two main characters are Elphaba and Glinda, who later become The Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch of the North. The other characters are Madame Morrible, The Wizard he is also in the Wizard of Oz, Fiyero who turns into the Scarecrow, Boq the Tin Man,The Cowardly Lion and  Nessarose you don’t really know who she is but she is the one who gets squashed by Dorothy’s house!

We started the week with the auditions as normal, I wanted to get Glinda so I auditioned for her, unfortunatly I didn’t get her, I got Madame Morrible, who happens to be evil so I renamed her Madame Horrible!

I had 42 lines to learn (I counted them!) Which is more than I have ever had before, so it was quite a challenge! The four days that we had to practice seemed to go rather quickly so before we knew it, it was show day!

In my opinion I thought the show was great!!!! And it was a great week so an all round thumbs up from me 🙂

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Book of the Month July 2011!

From now on I’m doing book of the month and this month it is…………………. Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson! I chose this book because it is quite possibly the best book I’ve ever read, and that’s quite a lot coming from me! Here is my review.

Hetty Feather is set in the Victorian era and Hetty lives in a Foundling Hospital, which is like a boarding school where children live if their parents have died or can’t keep them, until they are five years old they have to live with foster families, but anyway getting on with the story.

Hetty was sent to the foundling hospital when she was a baby and sent to live with her foster family. Although Hetty loves all of her foster family her absolute favourite is her older brother Jem. Jem and Hetty get up to all sorts of mischief like going to the circus (where Hetty thinks she finds her mother) when their not allowed or making secret dens. Jem promises Hetty that when their older he will come and rescue Hetty from the Foundling Hospital and they will get married.

When Hetty has to go back to the Foundling Hospital she has to get used to a whole different life. Hetty hasn’t got any friends apart from Harriet who is one of the older girls who’s about to go off to be a servant. Harriet looks after Hetty in her first weeks until she gets used to her new life.

When Hetty meets Polly they become best friends and do pretty much everything together, they even catch influenza together! Everything is going well until Polly gets fostered by a family. After that happens the only person Hetty has left is the kindly Kitchen Maid Ida.

When the Queen celebrates her Golden Jubilee all the Foundling Children go to the celebrations but Hetty runs away to the circus that she and Jem visited so many years ago. But when she gets to the circus does she find her mother?  I cannot give away the end 🙂

A definite must read for all of you who haven’t read it before!

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July Book Reviews.

OK, this month I have read five books, so I’m still ahead by a long LONG way but I will do better this month! This month I have read The Spiderwick Chronicles, by Holly Black, Kiss by Jacqueline Wilson, Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson, Girls Under Pressure by Jacqueline Wilson and The Deep by Helen Dunmore.

The Spiderwick Chronicles, I read the first three of these so they only counted as one book (not fair!) they were OK but there not my sought of book so I might not carry on with them but I might do. Basically they’re about three children (Mallory, Simon and Jared)  who find this magic book about faeries and ogres.

Kiss,  I enjoyed reading this book as it was very different from any of her other books which surprised me, but definitely one of my favourite books and I will possibly read it again.

Hetty Feather. Hetty Feather was the first Jacqueline Wilson book I ever read and I loved it, a friend lent it to me to read because she said she thought I’d like it, at first I thought I wasn’t going to like it but the moment I started to read it I fell in love with Hetty and all the other characters, since then I have read it three times. When I heard that there was another Hetty Feather book coming out I was absolutely over the moon. Definitely Jacqueline Wilson’s BEST book!

Girls Under Pressure. The second in the series of teenage books that Jacqueline Wilson has written, probably not one of my favourite books but it’s not one of my least favourites so somewhere in the middle I think.

The Deep. Unlike the other two books the The Deep felt a lot slower, it took me a lot longer to finish  but I still enjoyed it and I can’t wait until I read the next one!

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In 2009 I went to School for the first time. I went for the last term of year 6 to see if I wanted to carry onto senior school, unfortunately I didn’t get into the school I wanted to go to but then last week we got a letter offering me a place at the school I wanted to go to.

We went to see the school to decide whether or not I was going to . The person we met told us a lot about the school, it’s specialities and things like that, we also spoke about GCSE options because they do options year in year 9 instead of year 10. After we had finished talking I had to decide if I was going or not, in the end I decided that I was going to give it a go.

We were given a quick tour of the school, it has 3 massive dance studios and a massive sports hall. It does loads of outside activities as well including the Air cadets that I want to do!

I won’t be starting until October so I have a couple of months to get my knowledge up to scratch and hopefully and I won’t be behind at all. I have to go back to the school in September to meet my form tutor and get some of my school uniform, the school uniform is exceptionally black and also your only allowed to wear white socks if you’re a girl wearing a skirt???

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Tim Noble Workshop.

Yesterday I did my Tim Noble workshop at my dancing class. Tim Noble is a choreographer and last year he came and did a workshop for four hours, I really enjoyed it and I was very excited when he was doing another workshop this year. My workshop didn’t start until 2:30 so I had plenty of time to get very excited!

We started with a warm up  which was very complexed and quite difficult! Then we started working on the dance we were showing all the adults later. It was quite difficult as me and my friend found out, with a lot of funny arm movements and spins. Because I love dancing I put a lot of effort in, Tim Noble kept telling me that I was doing really well and standing out within the whole group of people and there were 20 to 30 people so although I was looking at the ceiling and going bright red I was quite pleased!

When the adults came Tim Noble asked me where my mum was a told her that I done really well that day, I have to say I was very VERY embarrassed because he only said that to my mum and I don’t like to be pointed out in a group I prefer to be average! But when I’m enjoying myself I kind of throw myself into it 🙂 Oh and I’m going to be a professional dancer or actor when I’m older!

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June Book Reviews.

I have done REALLY well this month on books! I have read… 15! I have now read 44 only 16 until I have my 60! Lets start with the book reviews.

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. I enjoyed this book as much as the first  but I wouldn’t recommend until 12-13.

Deenie by Judy Blume. I really, REALLY enjoyed this book, it didn’t take me long to read it but I thought it ended to quickly. My recommendation 12?

Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume. I really liked this book both because it was a good read but also I knew what the character was going through.  My recommended age is 13.

Forever by Judy Blume. In my opinion I was too young to read this book, I found it an awkward read and difficult  to enjoy. I recommend 14-15!

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. This was a good book and I enjoyed it but I’m not going to carry on with the series because they didn’t catch my attention but my recommended age is 10-11.

The Longest Whale Song by Jacqueline Wilson. I really enjoyed this book, it was quite funny in places and a bit sad in others but defiantly  one of Jacqueline Wilson’s best books! I recommend 10+
Love Lessons by Jacqueline Wilson. This, in my opinion, isn’t one of Jacqueline Wilson’s best books but I still kind of enjoyed it probably a 12+ book.

The Diamond Girls by Jacqueline Wilson. I really enjoyed this book and it didn’t take long to read it! One of her better books, 12+ I think.

Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson. I really enjoyed this book, it was a fun exciting read and defiantly one of her best books! 11+.

Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor.  I really enjoyed this book. It had a good lot, a good storyline and a GREAT ending and I really can’t wait until I read the next one!!!!

Ingo by Helen Dunmore. My friend suggested this book to me after she had read the series telling me it was fantastic and I really agree with her there because I was glued to the page ad afterwards it inspired me to do some art which is not like me!!!! But i really enjoy this book and would recommend it for 12+.

Skellig by David Almond.I enjoyed this book although it was a but difficult in places but it was a good book, I doubt I would read it again though.

Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson. I enjoyed this book a lot because it was quite funny and it’s very enjoyable to read defiantly one of Jacqueline Wilson’s better books!

Candyfloss by Jacqueline Wilson. I enjoyed this book and found it quite a fun quick read although it’s quite a thick book. It had a good mixture of happy and sad in it which made it one of her better b0oks!

The Tide Knot by Helen Dunmore.The Tide Knot is the second of the Ingo series and it’s just as good as the first and I really enjoyed it!

I hope you enjoyed my reviews and try some of these books!

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Holiday and Birthday 2011

We went on holiday to Devon to the farm, where we went last year. We had a lovely time again though it wasn’t quite as sunny as last year!

We were meant to be going on the Friday but Mummy was ill and in bed most of the day so we went on Saturday instead which wasn’t so bad. In the morning before we left I had a couple of early Birthday presents which were A bead bag full of nice beady craft,a Revell Train modeling kit and a very, VERY big Piggy bank!

My Piggy Bank 🙂

When we got there we unpacked and set up our tent (the girls and I get the tent while Mummy and Daddy get the cottage as it only has two bedrooms!) Then we played with Jake, Annie and Jasper (the dogs!) and then we fed the horse Scarlet, when we got back we discovered that two home educated children were in the cottage next door which was great!

This is Jake doing his favourite hobby duck herding!!!

The first night we were there the white duck had ducklings and we were very happy for her because last year her duckling died but this year she had 7 but two of them died sadly but she still had 5.

We climbed quite a few hills including our favourite which I think is called Kestor? We played this game with our Dad where we split into two teams and we had to catch each other, it was fun until Daddy hurt his ankle and we had to go back to the cottage. We also climbed a very steep one but I have forgotten it’s name but the moment we got to the top it started raining so we decided to go back down again!

Me at Kestor.


Me again at Kestor.

We also went to Lustliegh Cleave  which was by a stream and we met these people who were counting butterflies and we saw a Tiger Butterfly which was very pretty.

Me at Lustliegh Cleave.

We also went to on of our favourite places, Belevoir. Where we hopped along the rocks for a while 🙂


And we went  to a beach town.

And then we had fish and chips!

I LOVE this picture 🙂

And then we went to the beach!!!!!!!!


I got a bit wet!!!

We had a lovely week and we’re going back again in August!!!!!!!

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Bury St Edmund’s

The other day we went to Bury St Edmund’s, to pick up some magazines my Dad brought and to have a day out. We went to the Abbey. The Abbey took over 500 years to build and in 1327 there was the Great Riot and a lot of the Abbey got burned and several of the Monks were killed!

We also had a look in the Crypt  The Crypt is where all the important people were buried although there wasn’t a lot of it left. The Abbeys Gateway was quite new compared to the rest of it and a lot of the buildings around the Abbey are houses.

After we had looked at the Abbey we went to Anglesey Abbey, but there are two problems with that name, It’s not an Abbey and it’s not in Anglesey! We had a look at the mill and we saw a Greater Wagtail because they were nesting in the water mill, they were beautiful birds quite big with a long tail!

Then we had a look in the fish pond and in there were massive carps, We looked at them for a while and then we went into this garden bit which had the most beautiful flowers in it we played in there for a bit and then we finished the day with an Ice Cream!

And here are some more pictures.

There are the fish!

And there’s us next to Silver Birch trees.

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East Of England Show 2011!

Yesterday I went to the East of England Show which again was absolutely amazing! We watched the cows being walked around arena, I have to say none of them to pleased about it!

Then we looked in the Animal tent where we looked at the baby chicks which were very sweet! We even held them  but mine kept trying to run off! There were also piglets in the tent and they were suckling from their mother which was very cute as well!

We looked around the stalls for a bit and I was given some stuff about the ‘Royal Agriculture Collage’. I’m thinking about going to Agriculture Collage but I would like to do a course on horses because I want to keep horses when I’m older.

We looked at the Steam Trains and the Tractors. They were all very brightly coloured and some of them had Steam coming out of their tops, the steam smelt really horrible and made me feel a bit funny.

Then we saw the Beagles again, they were still as cute as ever. There were a lot of them hut their owner knew could tell them apart which I thought was really quite impressive! They did a bit in the arena as well and we learnt a bit about the American Mink.

The ‘Royal Navy’ were there too and they had this climbing wall (which was on a belt) and when y0u got to top the wall would move down and you would have to keep climbing, if you understand what I mean? When I was on they started to tilt backwards and forwards I didn’t realise until I was told, maybe that was why I felt dizzy afterwards!?!?

We also watched a sheep being shaved, I don’t think the sheep was impressed but it was interesting and a  lovely day out again!!!!

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May Book Reviews

I have read only 4 books this month but that is a definite improvement on 1! This month I have read, Twilight  The School At The Chalet, Jo Of The Chalet School and The Looking Glass Wars.

Twilight. I loved this book up until the very end I was drawn to it. The way Stephanie Meyer writes it is just fantastic! The end although it was quite scary was… I just HAD to carry on. A definite book to read though I think it’s twelve plus.

The School at the Chalet. My Mum used to read these when she was my age and she says that they were her favourite book whilst she was growing up so I decided that I would read them to see what I thought of them. I did enjoy them and I found them really interesting. There quite historical books have French and German words in them which I thought was quite good.

Jo of the Chalet School is the second of the Chalet School books, I also enjoyed that one and I think it took me two days to read it? But the two in the series that I have read so far have been quite good.

The Looking Glass Wars. I LOVED this book and when I say loved I really mean love! The story is  a twisted version of Alice in WonderLand. I started reading it and I could not put it down! It took me less than a day to read it. A very definite must read, it’s a series of three and I can’t wait to get the next one!

There, I hope you like some of these books, I definitely enjoyed ALL of them.

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