Night Mail

This week I learned the poem  Night Mail by W H Auden.

The Poem is about a Postal Train which delivered mail, it started from London and ended in Scotland. The poem was written for the film Night Mail which was shown in 1935.

The poems rhythm changes with the beat of the train to show the speed the train is going. The poem describes the places that the train passes like the country side and Glasgow with such detail you can almost see it. When the poem changes from the country side to Glasgow there’s a difference in the writing as if the writer is kind of sad.

We started by learning the poem Night Mail my favourite bit was

This is the Night Mail crossing the border,

Bringing the cheque and the postal order,

Letters for the rich letters for the poor,

The shop at the corner and the girl next door,

There is a a spoof version of the poem and these are the same four lines but the spoof version

This is the Junk Mail crossing the border

Delivered by truck now, that’s the order

None of it wanted, all of it waist

All of it tinged with commercial distaste

I really enjoyed learning the poems and I found them very interesting and fun to listen to
and they lead me to do other things to go with it.

I did a poster of Steam Train, Postal Orders and the other things that are described in the poem.


And then I got some old stamps that had been handed from my Grampty who used to do stamp collecting too.
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April Book Reviews

OK. This month I did really badly for books as I only read the Diary of Anne Frank!

Anne Frank, how can I explain this book? It blew my mind! Although she’s only talking about the everyday life of her Secret Annex  the way she describes it is amazing! You can actually imagine yourself being there watching her. I couldn’t put it down! Although it’s a book for 14 years old I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I hope to do better for May!

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A Day at Wood Green.

The other week my family, friends and I went to Wood Green Animal Centre. We were split into three different groups because we were being taking on a tour.

We started by going to the cat section,   we learned about the different colars, and the our tour leader got out one of her favourite cats and we got to stroke her Saffy who was 14 years old and luckily for her she had found a new home to go to.

Then we went to the farm animal bit and saw some Pygmy Goats (if that is how you spell it!) and then we saw a sheep who had just had two lambs but the mother was ill so they had to stay in  a barn and then there were some chickens who had only just arrived.

Then we went to the small animal inclosure, we started with the Rabbits and I learn that  50% of the rabbits in UK are abused by their owners, then we went to see the guinea pigs and they were sooooo cute; we got to stroke two of them, one of them was a very clever guinea pig because it was blind but although it was blind he could still get to everything he needed which I thought was very clever.

Then we went to the dog kitchen where they make all the food for the dogs and we asked some questions, I asked how much it cost to keep all the dogs in there happy and healthy, our tour leader didn’t know how much the dog section cost but she said that there are two other wood greens in england and all together they cost about 21 thousand a day!!!.

Then we went into this dog socializing place where we met this dog called Gizmo, he was only a pup but he was SOOOOOOOO cute and I wanted to take him home unfortunatly for me but luckily for him he had already got a home.

I really enjoy our trips to wood green and when I’m older I’m going to work there and get two dogs from there.

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March Book Reviews.

This month I have read a lot of book and when I say a lot of books I mean a lot of books. Because I have read so many books I am only doing the anitials of the authers JW means Jaquline Wilson, JD is Joseph Delany, CF is Cornelia Funke and NS is Noel Streatfield.

This month I have read, Bad Girls by JW, The Worry Website also by JW, Secrets again by JW, The Suitcase Kid by JW, Lily Alone by JW, The Dare Game by JW, Starring Tracy Beaker by JW,  Little Darlings by JW, Clean Break by JW, My Sister Jodie by JW, Inkspell by CF, The Spooks Sacrifice by JD, The Spook’s Stories, Witches by JD and White Boots by NS.

Bad Girls. Molly has been bullied at school ever since she can remember but when she mets Tasha her life begins to change but what happens when it all goes terribly wrong? A good book and one I enjoyed but probably not one I would read again, I would suggest a 10s and over book I think.

The Worry Website. This book has a lot of stories of different children in one school who sign up to the Worry Website set up by their Teacher. I have enjoyed this book and would suggest about 8 and overs.

Secrets. Treasure and India are two rather different girls who form one extrodinary friendship and when Treasure is in big trouble India steps in and helps her. A brilliant book  and one would read again, one of the best things about this book is that Anne Frank is woven into this story. I would suggest this book a 9 and over.

The Suitcase Kid. Andy’s (Andrea’s)  parents have split up but they didn’t know what to do with Andy so Andy goes and lives with her mum one week and her dad the next. This is a good book in a way it is a bit sad but with a good ending. I would suggest this book to 10s and overs.

Lily Alone. Lily is 11 years old with 3 siblings, Bliss and Baxer (the twins) and Pixie, when mum goes to spain without Lily and her Brother and Sisters Lily looks after them but for how long. A lovely book and one of Jaquline Wilson’s best work yet, I would reccomend this book 11 years and over.

Starring Tracy Beaker. This is the second of he Tracy beaker series, Tracy has been given the lead role in her schools christmas play but can she be good enough? A good and funny book one I would most likly read again, I would reccomend this book 8 and overs.

The Dare Game. The third and finale book to the Tracy Beacker triology, Tracy now lives with Cam and so far it’s going well… until Tracy’s mum turns up saying she wants Tracy back. I really liked this book and would suggest it to any one 8 and over.

Little Darlings. Destiny and Sunset  are two very different girls who share the same amazing secret, their father is Danny Kilman a famous rock star. I really, really loved this book and would almost certainly read it again, I reccomend 11 and overs.

Clean Break. Mum and Dad have just split up and Emi is feeling very unhappy along with her Brother Maxie and her Sister Vita, Em is a brilliant story teller and would do anything to meet her favourite author Jenna Willams.

My Sister Jodie. Jodie and Pearl are sisters and they love each other to bits, but when the family decide o move the girls to a boarding school Pearl finds out just how much she needs her sister Jodie. A lovely book with a very sad ending, I reccomend 12 and overs.

Inkspell, The second of the Inkheart Triology, It has been a year since whast happened in Inkheart but that doesn’t stop Meggie from wishing she could go into the book but will her wish come true and if it does will it be a disaster? A good book not one I would read again but I enjoyed it and I reccomend 11 and overs.

The Spook’s Sacrifice.Tom’s Mum has just come back from Greece saying that she wants Tom and his master (John Gregory) to help her win a battle in Greece They go but will they all come home again? I liked this book, it’s a bit scary and a bit sad but on the whole it’s a good book, I reccomend 11 and overs.

The Spook’s Stories, Witches. This book has stories about some of the witches told by different people. I can’t explain much about this book because there isn’t really a lot to explain but I really enjoyed it and read it in one day! I would reccomend again 11 and over.

White Boots. Harriet has been ill all winter and now the doctor has told her that she should start up skating, there Harriet meets Lalla a lively but fairly spoilt girl who has been skating since she was three, Harriet and Lalla quickly become friends but Lalla is getting ever more jealouse of Harriet’s talent. I absolutly LOVED this book and I would most definiatly read it again. I would reccomend it to anyone 10 and over.

That at last is all the book reveiws for this month done, please be aware that some of the links are kindle editions.

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Freddie, 1 Year On.

Freddie, though 1 year you were born it only feels like 1 day. I have had my days where where I remember you and I smile and treasure the moments I had with you and then there are the days where I just want to cry.

I remember waking up a 5 in the morning and realising it was all happening going to my Great Aunts staying there and mucking out the horses of a distant Aunt, my Dad coming to tell us that we had a baby brother. At the time I didn’t know how serious Freddie condition was and just hoping that he would come home.

I can’t remember what happened during the 11 days my brother was alive very well, I can remember getting him a teddy bear snuggle blanket and seeing him a few times.

 But I remember being told that it was over. In my head I knew it wasn’t working but I hoped. I don’t want it to be over even now but I tell myself that it is and I can’t do anything about. But this experience will be good for me, one day.

I’m going to cry today and wish for you back, but wishing doesn’t seem to help not even if you cry. Sometimes it hurts so much that I can’t think straight but I carry on and I’m strong.

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Febuary Book Reviews.

This is the next instalment of my five books that I have read. This Month I read, Lola Rose by Jacqueline Wilson, Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson, Midnight by Jacqueline Wilson, The Story of Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson  and The Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman.

Lola Rose, is about a girl called Jayni who live with her Mum (Nikki) her Dad (Jay) and her little brother (Kenny). Jayni and her mum live in fear of Jayni’s dad because he is always hitting Jayni’s mum and then when one day Jayni’s dad slaps Jayni, Jayni and her Mum and brother run away. They all choose new names, Jayni chooses Lola Rose but although being Lola Rose is fun for a while Lola Rose soon discovers that having her new life and being a different family isn’t as great as it’s starts out. A good book although I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone under11 or 12 I enjoyed the book.

Best Friends, Gemma and Alice have always been friends, even when they were babies, the two are inseparable but when ALice’s family move away to Scotland Gemma feel as if part of her has been ripped off. A good book, and I would recommend 10’s and overs.

Midnight, is about a girl called Violet, Violet is a bookworm, her favourite author is Casper Dream and would love to meet him, Violet also has an older brother (Will) but their parents are keeping something from them and one day when Violet and Will’s parents go out Violet discovers. A good book but I would recommend 11/12 and overs.

The Story Of Tracy Beaker, Tracy is a fun, feisty loving character, She writes in her life book about everything thing that goes on in the dumping ground (DG) Tracy longs to be fostered well until her mum comes to pick her up from Hollywood. A good book which I have really enjoyed reading, I would suggest it to anyone about 8 and over.

The Ruby in the Smoke, Sally Lockhart receives a strange anonymous letter shortly after her father drowns at sea telling her to beware the 7 blessings, Sally is plunged into mystery trying to find out what really happened to her father. A good book but definitely a 12 and over because it is quite confusing at times and has quite a lot of deaths but definitely a good book.

I hope you try some of these books and enjoy them

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January Book Reviews.

I’m trying to read 5  books each month and do a book summary of each, In January I read Esio Trot by Roald Dahl, The Illustrated Mum by Jacqueline Wilson, Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, The Spooks Battle by Joseph Delaney and The Spooks Mistake also by Joseph Delaney.

Esio Trot, Is about a man, Mr Hoppy who lives  in a flat, the flat beneath him holds the love of his life Mrs Silver, unfortunately Mrs Silver is in love with her pet tortoise but she would like him to grow bigger so Mr Hoppy comes up with a clever idea to help Mrs Silver. I have enjoyed this book and would suggest it to any person who likes a bit of a laugh, enjoys reading as much as I do and is about 10 years old.

The Illustrated Mum, is about two girls, Star and Dolphin, who live with their mum (Marigold). Star and Dolphin do love Marigold but they do wish she would act normal and not be covered in tattoos and go out partying all night. a strong book definitely a book to read although maybe not if you’re under 11.

Inkheart, set in modern day, is about a book, Inkheart, Meggie is 12 years old, 9 years ago her father, Mo, read to her mother Resa but he didn’t know that he could bring the characters from the book into real life, Mo brought three characters from Inkheart, Dustfinger, Capricorn and Basta but at a price, Mo’s wife Resa is whisked into the book along with two of their cats, 9 years later Dustfinger returns to Meggie and Mo’s house and Meggie is thrown into an adventure. I loved this, out of all the January books this is definitely my favourite and I would suggest over the age of 10/11 .

The Spooks Battle and The Spooks Mistake, I have written these 2 together because their from a series of books, these two are the fourth and fifth book about Thomas J Ward who has become the apprentice for the Spook, John Gregory, Thomas Ward helps the Spook defeat the dark, like Boggarts, Witches and the other members of the dark. The Series of the Spook books are quite good but they are a bit scary so I would recommend them for girls and boys 12 and over.

These are all good books and I hope you try some of them and enjoy them as much as I have done.

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The Best T-Shirts in the World…Possibly

For Christmas this year I decided to take it one step further with my Sisters and Mums presents. At the beginning of December I had to go into my parents unit to get a birthday present for my friend and I saw a name of a business that caught my interest (Which I will mention later). I asked my Dad, who was with me at the time, what the did and my Dad said they designed T-Shirts and then we had the idea of making them for my family for Christmas.

When I got home I started to create the designed the basic idea for these T-Shirts I was going to try and make and when I had the basic design Daddy took me to see the lady who would my designs come to life. The first time I went to see her we talked about how the my designs would look when they were on T-Shirts and some changes I could make. So that time nothing much happened but I had a lot to think about and we decided that instead of having the designs on just plain white T-Shirts I was going to choose coloured T-Shirts for them which didn’t take too long thank goodness!

The next week I went in to see my person but unfortunately she was ill and not able to come in which was a bit nerve-racking as Christmas was next week fortunately she was able to come in later that week. The next time I visited was the Tuesday just before Christmas and then we started to get somewhere, We looked at the designs that I had done and decided what we would keep and not keep and then when we sorted that out we used the T-Shirts and thought what sizes the shapes and words would have to be to make them look good. We started to print out the things for Amelie’s T-shirt, which we didn’t get very far on because we had to go home and have dinner.

We went back early the next morning to finish them off, which was a lot of printing!. After we had printed all the things we needed we had to peel all extra bits off which really did take a long time and by the time we were finished my head had that feeling where you have been doing something for too long and your head has a sort of dizzy feeling to it! After that all that was left was to heat press the designs onto the T-Shirts.

We started with Amelie’s and what we did was put all the shapes onto the T-Shirt and move them about until I was happy with them. With Amelie’s and Mummy’s There was a bit too much on the front so I put bits onto the back. I put a smiley face out of two stars and a crescent moon with Amelie’s and a rainbow with Mummy’s. Then when I was happy we put the Heat-Press thing down onto it and when it made a whoosh sound (Which always scared the living daylights out of me!) We knew it was done and then all we had to do was do that to the rest of them.

Here is a link to the website

And here are some pictures.

IMG_5588My Lovely Sister Maddy’s T-Shirt.

IMG_5591Josie’s was possibly my favourite because of the colours.

Amelie. Aged 8. So she says.unfortunately you can’t read what Amelie’s says on the front, Amelie The Superstar!!!

IMG_5599And the back of Amelie’s, which even I have to say looks rather cool!

IMG_5600All of them together Amelie’s posing like a gymnast, SURPRISE!!!


IMG_5652The back of Mummy’s is absolutely amazing but it did take s long time!

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The Library.

Recently we signed up to a library.  The library we go to is attached to a school so we hear the school bell every now and again, it made us jump and we thought the fire alarm had gone off!!! The first time we went to the library I brought out The Spook’s Apprentice, The Spook’s Curse, Midnight for Charlie Bone, and Magyk. The two Spook books are really good and I liked them a lot.  It didn’t take me long to finish the Spook books but I didn’t like Charlie Bone it was a bit boring and I never read Magyk. The second time we went to the Library I took out The Spook’s Secret, The Spook’s Battle, Anne Boleyn and Me and The Thief Lord.

I have really enjoyed going to the Library and the books I have been taking out have been really good.

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A trip to Burghley House

Yesterday we went to Burghley House. Burghley House was built for Sir William Cecil who served Queen Elizabeth I in 1558 until 1587.  When we got to Burghey House we went how much it was to get into the Sculpture Gardens as we were walking up we crossed two pillar things there was a space between them and Maddy and Amelie pretended that it was an invisable gate and kept walking into it it was very funny. We decided that we weren’t going to go in the Sculpture Gardens so we decided to look about the grounds.

When we were walking there we saw some fungus they were massive we also saw some chesnut trees and lots of chesnuts. We saw lots of Deer while we were walking there were loads of them, some of the really big ones were looking at us and it was little bit scary. Josie didn’t like them and even Amelie was a bit scared.

We got to a bit where there were loads of trees and there was a sign saying “Old Park Trees can drop drop branches Be aware”  Mummy teased us because she said that i said “Old Park trees Beware” I asked why and Mummy said that they might mistake us for Orks like in lord of the rings. When we got to the sign Mummy took a picture it took a long time to persuade Amelie to come under the tree because she thought one of the branches might all on us while we were under it!

We  walked a bit further and there were these metal bars and we were doing Squat ons and starddle ons and that was quite fun. We found out why Oak trees are dying it because of compressian in the soil and the trees roots are getting squashed which was very intresting.

When we got back to the car we played a game with our scarves where someone was a horse and someone a rider and the horse had the scarf around their waist and the other person held onto the scarf and would be pulled around by the person being the horse.

I really enjoyed going to Burghley house and hopefully we’re going to do it again. Pictures are coming later!!!

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