Gym Camp at Pipers Vale.

Last week I went on a Gym Camp at Pipers Vale. The only ever times I’ve been there is when watching or doing Competitions. It was a very new experience because the only People I knew there Were Amelie and E. It was four nights staying at the gym and during the day we would do gym in the evening we would go out.

On Monday we arrived we had to be there a twelve a clock having already had lunch. I met one of the Coaches who I was going to work with and she introduced me and Amelie to some of the girls in our group. When we started I was very nervous because I didn’t really know anyone but I met the two girls who were going to be in my group and they were very nice and my coach was nice.

When we started on the apparatus we started on the Tumble Track which is this bouncy floor and I was practising my Handsprings I spent the whole 30 minutes while we were on that piece working on those. Then after that we went onto Vault. On Vault I was doing Half-on onto Mats. Then I moved onto Bars and I practiced Upstarts and Long Upstarts I practiced Long Upstarts all week. Then we moved onto Beam were we practised Cartwheel Tuckback dismounts which I had a problem with because I kept falling off the Beam doing a cartwheel.

After we had done all of them we changed out of our Leotards and into our Swimming costumes because we were about to go swimming. I really enjoyed swimming because every once in a while there would be a wave machine it wasn’t quite as good as the one in Centre Parks but it wasn’t bad. My friends and I were doing straddle levers to handstand in the pool took a while to do it but I managed in the end.

When we got back it was dinner time I was very glad because I was absolutely STARVING and I ended up having thirds. When we had finished dinner we went into the Rec gym where we were given these activity books and there were all kinds of activities in them and at the beginning there was a bit that you either put stickers or stamps if you had done something new or worked really hard at something.

When it was time for bed we were told that at night we had to make ourselves a den to sleep in and that we had to be in a group to build it, me and my friend  made a tepee kind of tent over the bars it took us a while to think what to do so when we made it we didn’t really think about if it was going to stay or not as a result during the night it fell down on top of us which at the time me and my friend thought GREAT but the next we laughed and said it was so funny.

On Tuesday morning we were woken up and each group was called in turn to have breakfast me and my friend were so tired from the accident with the den last night we couldn’t be bothered to get up but soon we had to get up and put our dens away. We went on the trampoline which I did flick jump into the pit they were fun apart from the fact that there was always something wrong with my Flick which drove me mad. On the Tumble Track I was doing Round-off flicks but still there was something that wasn’t quite right with it. On the Bars I did Long Upstarts again and although I worked my socks off trying to do them but I just couldn’t do them. On Beam I worked on Cartwheels and Backwards walkovers and I really don’t like Beam so doing Cartwheels and Backward Walkovers really annoyed me. On Vault I started doing Half-on into the pit which I was terrified of because there was such a long drop from the top of the vault down to the pit so I got quite scared of them and we started to do Ballet which tired us out.

Then we had Lunch I was really hungry again so I ate quite a big lunch and then after lunch we went back to gym and kid of repeated the same thing again except that on trampoline we were doing Handspring-front Somersault and on one of them it went really very wrong and I landed on the bottom of my spine on the metal bar that holds together. Afterwards we went into Felixstowe into their Arcade and had an absolute brilliant time I ended up getting Amelie a Hello Kitty toy which she called Me-Me and then we went back had dinner and stared our dens and this Is where the worst bit of the week started.

In the group lower than me there was this little girl and we ended up making a den with us it was obvious she didn’t like me because she tried to get me out of making a den with my friend who she wanted to be with but I said that because she was the only person I really knew so I was staying with her. When we started to make dens everyone went to grab a mat so by the time we started to make our den there were hardly any mats left so this girl started to take charge and asking everybody to things that she was more than capable of, nobody went to get it so she sent me to get which really annoyed me and then we ended up not using it. Because there were no mats left we didn’t know what to do and this girl started going on and on about how she was so stressed and so tired when really everyone felt that way too and then she started having a go at people especially me about how they were not helping when she was just sitting down which really upset me. When we finally made our dens we settled down to sleep and this girl started to be really annoying like being all giggly when we had someone who was already asleep so I was very relieved when that night was over.

We only had a half day on Wednesday because we were going tobogganing in the afternoon so we had a lot to do in the morning breakfast was the same apart from the fact that we were starting earlier that day.

On the Tumble Track this coach from Russia did a little exercise to warm up one of which included doing little jumps backwards and on the second time we did them I fell over backwards and bruised my bum and then my coach wanted me to do this thing where I’d do a handspring and then I’d use the jump from my handspring to do a handstand on a block and I did this a few times until my coach wanted me to do a Handspring-front somersault into the pit which I really enjoyed. Bars was the same, on Beam I worked on my cartwheel and Vault was the same and we went on the Ballet bars

Then we went Tobogganing which was really cool but once I went on with one of my friends and she swerved in front of me and I was about to crash into her so I slid off my Toboggan and bruised my sitting bones and they still hurt and we did that for an hour and then we did this thing called Ringo’s where one person would sit in a rubber Dingy ring and we’d go down this slope and it was really fun apart from that once we’d gone down the slope we had to go back up again which was kind of OK because they had these things that you sit on and they pulled you up once I dropped my ring so I had to go and get it  and I ended up walking up the slope when I was almost at the top I decided to try and get pulled up by one of those things I did but then I fell off again which hurt and the other reason was because I hurt my sitting bones and going down a bumpy slope is not that pleasant when you sitting bones hurt.

When we got back we had to make a dance to show the coaches on Friday, our group decided we’d split into two halves and each make up and bit of dance I was made team captain of my halve but the girl who gave me trouble on Tuesday night was put in my half so when I started to decided the beginning she grabbed her chance and Said that my voice was getting annoying so she would do the talking which was really hurtful she said this because she really wanted to be Team Captain and when my friend said I could she was really put off. So she started to make the dance she wasn’t letting anyone else speak and was just doing the talking herself even though we were told that it had to be everyone’s ideas. We ended up having to get an adult, who was looking after us because the coaches were having a meal, to help. The den we made that night we didn’t make with the girl who was upsetting me I was so glad. But we made quite a nice den and it didn’t fall down on top of us.

On Thursday we did trampoline again I was doing this thing where I had to do three jump forwards so I was at the end of the Trampoline then I would do a front Somersault into the pit it was fun apart from that when I was about to land in the pit my legs went almost over my head and I’d land on my face with my legs by my head which hurt my back. On the Tumble Track I was doing Round-Off Flick Tuckback preps which I was Ok at but not brilliant then we were told that we had to do leaps with the younger girls but then my coach wanted me to do Handspring -front somersault not into the pit and I did some really nice ones which I was very proud of all the other pieces I just did the same thing but I didn’t do Ballet.

Then in the evening we had a barbeque and a disco which was really fun and I had a lovely evening. Then at last it was Friday, the day we were going home so I only had a half day everything we just did the same we were on our last piece of the camp which happened to be bars and I got the long upstart that I had been working on all week I was so happy with myself because it was my last go so on the last piece, last day and last go I did it.

Overall I had a good week at camp, there are some experiences that I would not like have again but I did have a good week.

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My ballet project

At the moment I am writing a project about ballet. In my project I write about the different ballet dancers like Anna Pavlova. I have been using these three books, Dance, The Ballet Book and A Child’s Introdution to Ballet. These three books have helped me with my project.

I chose ballet because I do I like ballet and I do ballet at Saldance. I have always liked ballet since I started  when I was little I stopped because I got bored because the lady who ran it always seemed cross so I stopped and started at Saldance.

In my project I have chosen three main writers, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and Prokofiev. I chose them because they are the people who wrote the most famous ballets. I have learnt a lot about these writers and their lives and I’m looking foward to finishing my project.

I have used Word for my project and saved it all in Dropbox. I am looking forward to finishing and sharing my project.

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The Water Lilies By Claude Monet.

The Water Lily pictures are my favourite ones done by Claude Monet. The three I’m writing about I think are spring, summer and autumn, my favourite one of these is the spring one because the colours feel soft and calming. The bits of the picture I like is the blue bridge going over the pond, the willow tree in the corner and all the beautiful pink and purple Water Lilies make it look like a garden from a dream.

Water Lilies by Monet

The Water Lilies from the Summer is very different because the bridge is darker and it’s no longer blue but green, The Willow tree is a darker green and the trees around it have got flowers on them and the Water Lilies are not Pink and purple but a variety of different colours from a deep blue to a light yellow. The picture is not as calming as the spring one but it’s still as beautiful as the spring.

The Autumn one is incredibly different because the bridge is red and some of it is covered by a bush, the willow tree is a kind of duller green with bits of red from the sky behind it and the trees around it have different coloured leaves on it and all the Water Lilies have different shades of red on them. This one doesn’t make me feel very calm but everyone has a different thought on them.

When I put all three together they all have three things in common, the bridge, the willow tree and the water lilies. The spring and the summer ones look like they were painted in the middle of the day while the autumn one looks like it was painted in the evening. They were painted in 1916 and are the most beautiful and famous ones.

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My favourite bit of the weekend

My favourite bit of the weekend was the Mary Poppins show that I did. On the day we had to be up early because I had a gym display in the morning. When the gym display was over we went to Kingsgate theatre which was where we were doing the show.

I was in the blue dressing room because for my tap and ballet I was doing the Highland fling and Sailor tap and that was where everyone who did those were put. We were there at 11:30 and the first show started a 2:00 so we had time to practice.

When the first show started I was really nervous because I was first on stage with some of my friends. The first dance went really well and when we came off we were really relieved and started to get ready for the next dance. The second dance I went really wrong because we were meant to cover up some people and I accidently let one of them show. I was really cross with myself for letting that happen but we were back on stage a few minutes later and that was alright. Then it was time for the finale which I think was really good.

Then it was the second half of the show which involved my quickest change yet. But first I did my Beatles Jazz and my friend fell over when she did a kick and got really upset; but the second Jazz dance was really good. After the Jazz dances I had to run to my dressing room to get into my sailor costume and I only had 4 minutes to get into it and I was ready in the nick of time. After the sailor dance I had to get ready for the Highland fling I was in the wrong place for one bit so I had to kind of move while dancing. After the Highland fling I had nothing to do so I just sat and watched through the window.

After the show we had 2 hours of nothing so we just got ready for the next show. The beginning of the first show was good but for the second dance I had an umbrella and it broke but I had had an umbrella in the first one and it was fine but my umbrella completely broke and I almost cried but there was no time for crying so I just got on with it. The rest of the dances were ok and when I was finished I went and watched the show on a tv.

After the show we went home and I played on my new IPOD touch.

That was my favourite bit of the weekend.

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All about some of my family

All about Me.

My name is Fran. I am Twelve years old and I’m about 4’ 10”; I have honey coloured hair and I think I’m rather pretty. I think of myself as clever, funny, serious, kind and sweet. The things I enjoy most are Gymnastics, Dancing and Acting and when I’m older I think I would either like to be a Ballerina, work on a farm or become a commonwealth gymnast, (not likely). I like to wear leggings so I can do gym in the garden and short sleeved tops but if I am going to a party I like to look my best. I am Home Educated but in 2009 I went to school and although I kind of enjoyed it but I did not carry on.

All about Amelie

Amelie, is my younger sister. She is eight years old and she has dark brown hair in a bob. Amelie is cheeky, clever, annoying and playful. Her hobbies are Gymnastics, Dancing, annoying me and being noisy. When she is older she wants to become an Olympic Gymnast and nothing else. Amelie likes to dress in soft trousers so she can do splits and tops that are too small for her. Like me Amelie is also home educated, she has never gone to school and I don’t think she’s planning to.

All about Maddy

Maddy,is also my younger sister. She is ten years old and has short toffee coloured hair. Maddy’s hobbies are TKD, rugby, singing and acting. Maddy’s personality is different, shy about herself and competitive. When she’s older Maddy would like to be an actress. Maddy doesn’t go to school but I don’t think she wants to.

All about Mummy

Mummy, is my Mum, her name is Merry, she is a little bit taller than me but not a lot. She has brown curly hair and she sometimes has it died blonde on top. Her hobbies are, chatting to friends on the phone for a long time, watching us do our gym and TKD, sleeping, writing on her blog and working. Mummy’s personality is helpful, amazing and lovely.

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The Whispering Road, Book Review.

The Whispering Road is about two children, a boy and a girl, who live in a workhouse during the Victorian times. They escape from the workhouse to look for their mother who had to leave them at the there because she couldn’t look after them. During their journey the boy runs away without the girl and then later he finds out that the girl is very ill.

I find the book a very strong and moving tale, although I suppose the first two chapters of the book are slow, but as you get further you just have to know what happens next. It made me cry at the end because you find out about two children that the girl sees on the journey.

The two main characters in the book are the boy and the girl, Joe and Annie. Joe and Annie are brother and sister. Joe is the eldest and has a strong personality, Annie is younger and has a troubled mind because of her split personality and often needs Joe to help her get along.

The best bit of the book for me is at the end when Joe finds Annie in hospital, not well but alive, and he’s trying to tell her what happened to their mother.

The weak bit book I think is the beginning because nothing really seems to happen.

Overall I think it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s made me want to read more of her books like Faerie Heart. It reminded me of Hetty Feather and Workhouse; I really enjoyed both of those books.

The story has 399 pages and was written by Livi Micheal

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The East of England show.

On Friday the 18th of June we went to the East of England show. There were lots of stalls selling things like clothes for horse riding and dog toys. We watched some show jumping while my dad found out where our friends who we were going with were.

When we found our friends they showed us to a cage with some Beagles in it. We were allowed to go in with the Beagles and sit and play with them, they were really friendly and would sit and play with us. There was one little dog who was not a Beagle but a little Jack Russell; she could not walk properly but she was really sweet and licked my shoe.

Then we had lunch; we had to eat quickly because we were booked in to do some cooking. I enjoyed it because I like cooking. We cooked some pasties. I cooked a meat pasty; while they were cooking we looked at different types of flour and did some colouring. Then when our pasties were ready we picked ours up and went outside to eat them.

When we went outside it was raining so we went inside a tent. Inside the tent were some piglets and their mum. At first they were all asleep but later they woke up and were squealing for milk which was very sweet but very noisy. Also there was a flour stall where we ground flour and sieved it; when I was sieving, the flour went all down myself so I was covered in it. But my favourite bit of the tent was the chicks and ducklings. There were three ducklings and a lot of chicks and we were allowed to hold them. I must have had very warm hands because they just settled down completely; the duckling I held had very big feet which it wriggled about, which was really sweet. We also looked at a duck and a chick which had hatched that day. They were so tiny.

Then we sat in the show jumping place intending to watch some show jumping but we had to leave for dancing. I enjoyed the day because I learnt how flour was made and I saw lots of horses. I think I will miss the Beagles and the duckling and chicks the most but I enjoyed being out with my friends and I am definitely going back again next year.

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My Holiday.

My family and I have just been on holiday. We went to Devon and we stayed on Lower Hookner Farm; we stayed there because my daddy had lived near that farm while he was growing up. We went at the end of May and stayed there from Saturday to Sunday of the next week. For the first bit and the last bit we stayed at our cousins Izzy and Millie’s house. We went because we needed a holiday.  We drove down there after Amelie’s gym competition; it was a really hot day and the air conditioning in the car wasn’t working.

On the first day it was my birthday. I was really excited because I wanted to open my presents but Mummy and Daddy were tired because they went to bed very late and had not had enough sleep, so Maddy, Izzy and I played Pokemon on our DS’s.

Later I opened my presents. I got six books and I’ve read two of them already; they were really interesting.  I also got a Groovy Girl and a Groovy Girl car and Maddy, Amelie and Josie and I played with our Groovy Girls during the week. I got some really nice clothes too.  My favourite piece of clothing was a white vest top with a short green top with  two zebras on it. Unfortunately I spilt butter down it which was a real shame but mummy brought me another one.

Then we went to the farm. It was peaceful but also full of life. We stayed in a cottage but that only had one double bed so the girls and I slept in a tent. There were ducks in the field where we were staying and there were really cute ducklings. There were also dogs.

There were three dogs. Jake was a Collie dog; he was four years old and a very lively dog but in the evenings he would put the ducks to bed which was very cute and amazing. There was  Jasper; he was seven and was a cross between a Whippet,  a Lurcher and something else but they didn’t know what that was. He was very shy but one day he came into our tent.  Last but not least, there was Annie. She was a three year old Whippet and she was very sweet. One night we had a barbecue and she was trying to eat it so we had to chase her away; she went away with her head down and her tail between her legs but then she came back.

While we were on holiday we went on a lot of walks but one of my favourites was a really hot day when we went to Bellever. There was a river and the girls and I all had little islands and we would jump from one to the other which was great fun. Then, just before we went to go on the walk, Maddy decided to try get to her beach. She was all dressed with her shoes on then she slipped and to stop herself from falling over she had to put her foot in the water, so on the walk she had very wet trainers. The walk had a really steep hill that we had to climb; it took a long time to get up and we had to keep stopping to have a drink because it was so hot. We finally got to the top, by which time my legs hurt and I was very hot. We had to through prickly gorse bushes and we got very spiked. Then we had to go back downhill to where another bit of the river was and there was a stone bridge and we jumped from one stone to another.

Then we climbed back up the hill and met somebody who told us the story of Snaily House. Once there were two sisters and they never came to town to buy food so people thought they were witches so they stayed out of their way. Then when they were dead, people explored the house and they found a lot of snail shells so people think that the two sisters lived on snails. Yuck!!. Then we walked back to the car and we went to a bridge called Postbridge; Maddy and Amelie and I tried to wade through the river. We succeeded! When I waded through with Maddy she went all whimpery and needed help but then she waded through on her own and did very well.

My other favourite walk was when we went to Easdon. We walked through this passage way which had lots of bluebells and other flowers. My favourite bit was when my shoelace came undone so I went to tie it up and I saw a little baby rabbit. I called everyone to have a look. When we left it alone it scampered away. We then climbed this really steep hill, which was really prickly. When we got to the top we could see the farm we were staying on. We could see the horses in the field, a bit of the cottage we were staying on and we could see the stables where the horses lived. We then had lunch but there was only one roll each so we were all still rather hungry.

We went to our friend’s house after the walk I played with her oldest girl M and I rode her pony bare back, which means no saddle, I almost fell off a couple of times but I got the hang of it.

When we had to go I didn’t want to leave because we had had a really nice time.

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Freddie was my little brother, he was born on the 2nd of April 2010. When he came out he didn’t breath so he went into the Special Care Baby Unit SCBU for short. Freddie was put on a Ventilator.

The hospital he was in had just had a Virus going around so me and my sister weren’t allowed to see him.

But on the 6th of April they said we were allowed to see him, when we saw him he had a lot of wires helping him to get better.

After 2 days of being on this Ventilator Freddie was able to breath and shortly afterwards my mummy was allowed to give him a cuddle and when she did he opened his eyes just a little bit.
He then went to another hospital for the day to have is brain waves measured.

After that we had lots of ups and downs but he was stating to get better. Then he was moved into a room of his own and we were allowed to see him. We brought him some presents all of which he liked.

I gave him a Comfort Blanket, Maddy gave him a a Lullaby Teddy, Amelie gave him a bear called Leonie and Josie gave him some baby grows.

A while later he opened his eyes and was having a good look around. When we came to see him a while later he was asleep but we all had a picture taken of us and here it is.
Unfortunately after we had left he got a chest infection. The doctors thought that they could make him better but Freddie was too young to fight it off. He died on the 13th of April Freddie died aged 11 days old. But he died happy and in no pain.

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School days.

Going to school for the first time ever is not easy. My first day at school was a bit confusing, because I didn’t know what to do at all. I met lots of new people, but only a few on the first day. We started a project on the first day it was a research project where each of us had to pick a subject and write about it.

I chose the Tudors and wrote 25 pages on it on the Bradgate park and all the kings and queens from Henry the VII  to Elizabeth the first, I even did the confusing bit about Lady Jane Grey. I did a lot of projects while I was there.

I did DT which is design and technology where we had to build a House then a car boat thing which we had to test.

Then we started an end of school term play of a Midsummer Nights dream but we turned it into A Midsummer Terms Dream since there was a lot of us we had to play a bit of one part so one person would Puck in one scene then another in the next scene. Which was great fun and went well.

We also had P.E where sometimes we did Orienteering and other times we did Cricket (which I was RUBBISH at).

One of my favourite times was when I helped at the younger Sports day, me and my friend Elizabeth did this game where they had to jump through these hoops and then ran back and I enjoyed doing that. Then there was my Sports day. I was the second Captain it was great fun and we won!!!

I did try a day at Orton Longville but I knew school was not the place for me. But I’m really glad I went and I really enjoyed it.

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