Fairies and Bronzos (story)

Once there was a fairy called Millie Mae she lived in a old sparrows nest. She spent most of her time reading magic. The other fairies asked her if she would come and play with them she always said no. One day she was out and she saw a noticed saying

WANTED £1000 if you find…

Jackdaw Haddow.

I’ll help find him she thought and she flew of to the woods. at the entrance something jumped out.


“I was looking for you.” She in a calm voice.

“WHY!?” He thundered.

“What are you?” She said in the same voice..

“A Bronzo.” He said almost in tears.

“Sorry but what’s tha.t” she said.

“Can’t you see I’m a big elf?” he said.

“Why are you crying.” she said.

“Because I’m the last Bronzo, you would be crying if you were the last fairy.” He said.

“Yes I suppose I would, but how do you know your the last bronzo.” She said.

“Because I….. don’t know.” He said in tears again.

“Lets go and look for one then.” She said.

“YEAH…oh but they would catch me.” He said in tears again.

” Who?” She said.

” The zoo people.” He said.

“Why would they want to catch you.” She said.

” THINK CHILD THINK why else would they want to catch me unless they were going to put me on show.” He said.

“I see…Well there must be another Bronzo in the wood.” Said Millie.

“Maybe.” He said.

“Well let’s look, we’re going to find one before the day is out!” said Millie

“LETS GO!!!!!!!” He shouted.

“They walked for a few hours there had been nothing in sight. So they walked few more hours. Still nothing.

“Millie,are you sure we’re going to find another bronzo?” He said.

“Look I’m sure we’re going to find one.” Said Millie.

“Alright.”Hhe said.

They walked on and soon they came to a city, there was a notice it said…

WANTED  £1000 if you find

Lucy Bonna

“Looks like a Bronzo.” Said Millie

“We need to find her.” Gasped Jackdaw.

“That’s what we’re going to do.” Said Millie.

So they walked and walked and walked some more until they came to a cave, there they heard a faint cry. So in they went.

“What are you doing in my lair… Are you another Bronzo???” Asked the girl.

“Yes. are you?” Asked Jackdaw.

“Yeah. What’s your name? She said.

“Jackdaw Haddow. You?” He said.

“Lucy Bonna.” She said.

Millie then flew off back to her home. She was reading her books again and sometimes playing with her friends.

The End

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The Raymond Girls Christmas.

All about the Raymond girls Christmas. Well it was 3.00 in the morning and I woke up and stayed awake being BORED!!! By the time of 6.00 I was so bored that I went to find out what the time was.The lighted Christmas tree was up as it usually is but it wasn’t a Christmas tree it was a load of twigs with lights and decorations.

Then at 6.30 we opened our stockings, I got some club penguin cards, some nail varnish and other things which I can’t remember. Then we went to have breakfast and open our Father Christmas presents and our main presents.Our Santa were club penguin penguins, which you could take apart and put back together again.

My main present was a keyboard and Maddy got a flute, Amelie got a purple sparkly violin and Josie got a club penguin igloo.

Then we opened some of the presents under the tree. I got a book called Evolution Revolution by a man called Robert Wilson and a Knitting kit where you knit cloths for a doll and a game made out of Lego called minotaurus and a sewing machine, I got a groovy girl from Josie, a playmobil horse from Maddy and a groovy girl cat from Amelie.

Maddy got a knitting kit and a Lego game called Pyramid and a video camera, from me she got a groovy girl dog Amelie gave her a groovy girl and Josie gave her playmobil.

Amelie got a sewing kit  some big bang books and a DSI, From me she got a groovy girl dog, from Maddy she got a groovy girl and from Josie she got some playmobil.

Josie got train track ( LOTS OF IT!!!!) a groovy girl sledged and a Lego came called Magicus, from me she got a groovy girl, from Maddy she got a groovy girl dog and from Amelie she got some playmobil.

Then on boxing day we opened the rest of the presents, one of my favourites was from my Granddad I got a beautiful pen and an apron.

On the 27th we went to Granny and Grampty and Uncle Rich, Aunty Greer, Uncle Darren, Rowan and Ella were there. From Grampty I got a bead chest which I love very much and a Tasmania top, from Granny I got a Cello stand, from Uncle Rich I got a Kangaroo top, from Aunty Greer, Uncle Darren, Rowan and Ella I got club penguin top with a Puffle on the front and from Nana I got a tube of my favourite sweetie Jelly Tots and a mug.

From Grampty Maddy got some Automobloxs and a Tasmania top, from Granny she got a Flute stand, from Uncle Rich she got an Australian top, from Aunty Greer, Uncle Darren, Rowan and Ella  she also got a Puffle top and from Nana she a tube of Fruit Pasties and a mug.

From Grampty Amelie got A mermaid  groovy girl and a Tasmania top, from Granny she got a Violin stand, from Uncle Rich she got a top, from Aunty Greer, Uncle Darren, Rowan and Ella she got a jumper dress and from Nana she got a tube of sweeties of which I cannot remember the name of! And a mug.

Josie got a Tasmania top and a groovy girl mermaid from Grampty and Granny, a toy kangaroo from Uncle Rich, a cardigan from Aunty Greer, Uncle Darren, Rowan and Ella and a mug and a tube of white chocolate buttons from Nana.  I had a  really BRILLIANT Christmas and I hope everyone who reads this had a great one too!!!!!!

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Oliver Twist day 3

I’m so hungry it’s 3.30pm I’ve not had anything to eat since 7.30pm (last night). The staff don’t have to worry they get six meals a day. I also found out i get extra work tomorrow and the day after. I had nothing to do with it i just pulled out a longer piece of string.

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Oliver Twist diary (day1)

It wasn’t  because I was still hungry, we had a lottery who ever got the shorter piece of string had to go and ask  for more.  When it fell on me I felt really worried. I walked up I felt like crying when I got there, I said to the cook please sir I want some more the cook said “more?” I dropped my bowl and ran I almost trip over chair.

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Horses and Pony

I love horses. they are loving animals. there are lots of different breeds, my favourite breed is called the Thoroughbred. it’s my favourite breed because it’s the fastest horse and it’s very pretty. when they are fully grown they are usually 16.1 hands high (explain this to the group). they are usually brown, bay, or chestnut. Pony’s are like horses but smaller. My favourite breeds of pony are the Dartmoor pony, Exmoor pony and new forest pony. Dartmoor ponies when fully grown are 12.2 hands high. they are usually black, bay, or brown with some markings. Exmoor ponies when fully grown are 11.2 to12.3 hands high, usually bay. they are rarer than the giant panda and they have very big eyes. New forest pony’s grow up to 12.2 to 14.2 hands high, they are any colour except piebald or skewbald. a hand is four ins which is 10cms they are measured from the withers there shoulders. any horse 14.2 hands or less is a pony

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War Horse By Michael Morpurgo

This is a review of War Horse, chapter by chapter.

Chapter One.

Joey was a colt; he and his mother were going to be sold. His mum was taken out to the ring and she was sold, Joey was never to see her again. When Joey was taken out to the ring he looked for his mother, but could not see her. A farmer saw him and bought him for three Guineas then took him to his farm with their cart horse. The farmers boy saw him and went to rub him down and care for him because the farmer was drunk.

chapter two

Albert and Joey grew up together and years passed; Albert cared for Joey and made sure he was safe when the farmer was drunk, by putting him in with Zoey. The drunk farmer makes a bet that he can make Joey plough within a week; he tries to put a collar on Joey, who kicks him. Albert’s Mother persuades the farmer not to shoot Joey and Albert tells Joey angrily to think before he acts and he must learn to plough. Albert teaches Joey to plough with Zoey and the farmer win his bet. At the end of the chapter, war is declared and the farmer is excited but albert’s mother is afraid.

Chapter Three

Albert started taking Joey out to see the sheep. Albert’s Mother told Albert that the war was starting to worry his father because they were running out of money. Albert had to return the boar pig and did not take Joey with him. The farmer came into the stable; he usually just took Zoey out but this time he went to Joey, tricks him with food and put a halter on him.

Chapter Four

The Farmer led Joey and Zoey to the village. There were motor cars and people all gathered together, one of them came up, shook his hand and spoke to him. They had made an agreement that he would buy Joey, if he was in good condition, for £40. The vet checked him and and the Captain buys Joey, which means the farmer can pay his mortgage. Although the farmer had regretted buying Joey, he is sorry to see him go.

Chapter 5

A few weeks before Joey went off to war he had to change from a farmhouse horse into a cavalry mount. He went to a riding school and was taught by Corporal Samuel Perkins. He hated his rider, Captain Nicholls was really nice he fed Joey and brushed him down and painted pictures of joey and sent one to Albert. A few weeks later they went off to war.

Chapter 6

While Joey and the other horses and people were on the boat; all the soldiers were laugh thing and joking there another horse called Topthorn who Joey liked. when they got there there were lots of wounded people. when they went to fight there the enemy they could not find them. The enemy had been sighted orders rang out Joey was running forward, then there was nothing on his back. Joey ran off he heard that he had won.

Captain Stewart came to Joey and told him that Captain Nicholls Had died

Chapter 7

When the horn blow for everybody to wake up the horses were rummaging in there nosebag’s for the last of the oats. Captain Stewart came along with another man Trooper warren was the name of the man, he mounted Joey Captain Stewart came over to Joey and said take good care of him.

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Rockingham Castle

I went to Rockingham Castle. When we got there we had some lunch, then we went to the house and we went on an i spy trail. The house was very nice. We went to soldier room then we watched a film about it. Then we saw the kitchen, the panel room and the gallery which had paintings of children in it. Boys, when they were little, dressed like girls. There were ghosts in the pictures which were really statues. And we went to the great hall; i got to try on a real helmet and glove that they used in battle.The helmet was really heavy. Then we went to the shops and Mummy bought Amelie a bow and arrow, Josie a pig and i had a sword and shield; we played outside the castle with them. Josie got a bit upset because she wanted a sword and shield like me.

We went to the car to get a snack and put our toys away. and then we went to the gardens and did a Treasure Hunt to find out who stole the Griffin’s Gold. We had a choice of three kings, William the Conqueror, King Richard I and Bad King John. It was Bad King John who stole the gold. Then we went back to the shop and showed her our answer.  We were right; Bad king John stole the gold so the lady at the counter gave us each a badge.

Then we went back to the car and toys out again and went to the picnic area and played until  we went home.

This post was taken from my previous blog- Cartwheel Girl’s Blog.