Book of the Month August 2011!!!

The book of the month this month is………… DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Juliet of the Chalet School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juliet of the Chalet School by Caroline German is a fill in book for the Chalet School. The story is, Juliet has become the second head girl of the Chalet school, but she’s really worried that the Chalet School girls won’t like her. It takes a while for the girls to become used to Juliet and there are some tricks played on her at the beginning of term. Then these two new seniors come along and a mystery with them.

I really enjoyed this book even though it’s not written by the same person. Anyone who has enjoyed the Chalet School books will love this one just as much!!! :)

This is an August post!

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August Book Reviews.

I have only read 2 this month which isn’t awful but definitely could have been better, anyway this month I read The Guides of the Chalet School  and Juliet of the Chalet School.

The Guides of the Chalet School, another one of the Chalet School books but not written by the original writer but by someone else. A really good fill in book and loved it from start to finish! :)

Juliet of the Chalet School. Again this book is not written by the original author. The best fill in book, almost couldn’t tell it was a different writer. It took me longer to read but it was definitely worth it!

Two good books that I have read, but definitely will do better in September.

P.S. This is an August post.

This post was taken from my previous blog- Cartwheel Girl’s Blog.

Book of the Month July 2011!

From now on I’m doing book of the month and this month it is…………………. Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson! I chose this book because it is quite possibly the best book I’ve ever read, and that’s quite a lot coming from me! Here is my review.

Hetty Feather is set in the Victorian era and Hetty lives in a Foundling Hospital, which is like a boarding school where children live if their parents have died or can’t keep them, until they are five years old they have to live with foster families, but anyway getting on with the story.

Hetty was sent to the foundling hospital when she was a baby and sent to live with her foster family. Although Hetty loves all of her foster family her absolute favourite is her older brother Jem. Jem and Hetty get up to all sorts of mischief like going to the circus (where Hetty thinks she finds her mother) when their not allowed or making secret dens. Jem promises Hetty that when their older he will come and rescue Hetty from the Foundling Hospital and they will get married.

When Hetty has to go back to the Foundling Hospital she has to get used to a whole different life. Hetty hasn’t got any friends apart from Harriet who is one of the older girls who’s about to go off to be a servant. Harriet looks after Hetty in her first weeks until she gets used to her new life.

When Hetty meets Polly they become best friends and do pretty much everything together, they even catch influenza together! Everything is going well until Polly gets fostered by a family. After that happens the only person Hetty has left is the kindly Kitchen Maid Ida.

When the Queen celebrates her Golden Jubilee all the Foundling Children go to the celebrations but Hetty runs away to the circus that she and Jem visited so many years ago. But when she gets to the circus does she find her mother?  I cannot give away the end :)

A definite must read for all of you who haven’t read it before!

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July Book Reviews.

OK, this month I have read five books, so I’m still ahead by a long LONG way but I will do better this month! This month I have read The Spiderwick Chronicles, by Holly Black, Kiss by Jacqueline Wilson, Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson, Girls Under Pressure by Jacqueline Wilson and The Deep by Helen Dunmore.

The Spiderwick Chronicles, I read the first three of these so they only counted as one book (not fair!) they were OK but there not my sought of book so I might not carry on with them but I might do. Basically they’re about three children (Mallory, Simon and Jared)  who find this magic book about faeries and ogres.

Kiss,  I enjoyed reading this book as it was very different from any of her other books which surprised me, but definitely one of my favourite books and I will possibly read it again.

Hetty Feather. Hetty Feather was the first Jacqueline Wilson book I ever read and I loved it, a friend lent it to me to read because she said she thought I’d like it, at first I thought I wasn’t going to like it but the moment I started to read it I fell in love with Hetty and all the other characters, since then I have read it three times. When I heard that there was another Hetty Feather book coming out I was absolutely over the moon. Definitely Jacqueline Wilson’s BEST book!

Girls Under Pressure. The second in the series of teenage books that Jacqueline Wilson has written, probably not one of my favourite books but it’s not one of my least favourites so somewhere in the middle I think.

The Deep. Unlike the other two books the The Deep felt a lot slower, it took me a lot longer to finish  but I still enjoyed it and I can’t wait until I read the next one!

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June Book Reviews.

I have done REALLY well this month on books! I have read… 15! I have now read 44 only 16 until I have my 60! Lets start with the book reviews.

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. I enjoyed this book as much as the first  but I wouldn’t recommend until 12-13.

Deenie by Judy Blume. I really, REALLY enjoyed this book, it didn’t take me long to read it but I thought it ended to quickly. My recommendation 12?

Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume. I really liked this book both because it was a good read but also I knew what the character was going through.  My recommended age is 13.

Forever by Judy Blume. In my opinion I was too young to read this book, I found it an awkward read and difficult  to enjoy. I recommend 14-15!

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. This was a good book and I enjoyed it but I’m not going to carry on with the series because they didn’t catch my attention but my recommended age is 10-11.

The Longest Whale Song by Jacqueline Wilson. I really enjoyed this book, it was quite funny in places and a bit sad in others but defiantly  one of Jacqueline Wilson’s best books! I recommend 10+
Love Lessons by Jacqueline Wilson. This, in my opinion, isn’t one of Jacqueline Wilson’s best books but I still kind of enjoyed it probably a 12+ book.

The Diamond Girls by Jacqueline Wilson. I really enjoyed this book and it didn’t take long to read it! One of her better books, 12+ I think.

Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson. I really enjoyed this book, it was a fun exciting read and defiantly one of her best books! 11+.

Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor.  I really enjoyed this book. It had a good lot, a good storyline and a GREAT ending and I really can’t wait until I read the next one!!!!

Ingo by Helen Dunmore. My friend suggested this book to me after she had read the series telling me it was fantastic and I really agree with her there because I was glued to the page ad afterwards it inspired me to do some art which is not like me!!!! But i really enjoy this book and would recommend it for 12+.

Skellig by David Almond.I enjoyed this book although it was a but difficult in places but it was a good book, I doubt I would read it again though.

Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson. I enjoyed this book a lot because it was quite funny and it’s very enjoyable to read defiantly one of Jacqueline Wilson’s better books!

Candyfloss by Jacqueline Wilson. I enjoyed this book and found it quite a fun quick read although it’s quite a thick book. It had a good mixture of happy and sad in it which made it one of her better b0oks!

The Tide Knot by Helen Dunmore.The Tide Knot is the second of the Ingo series and it’s just as good as the first and I really enjoyed it!

I hope you enjoyed my reviews and try some of these books!

This post was taken from my previous blog- Cartwheel Girl’s Blog.

May Book Reviews

I have read only 4 books this month but that is a definite improvement on 1! This month I have read, Twilight  The School At The Chalet, Jo Of The Chalet School and The Looking Glass Wars.

Twilight. I loved this book up until the very end I was drawn to it. The way Stephanie Meyer writes it is just fantastic! The end although it was quite scary was… I just HAD to carry on. A definite book to read though I think it’s twelve plus.

The School at the Chalet. My Mum used to read these when she was my age and she says that they were her favourite book whilst she was growing up so I decided that I would read them to see what I thought of them. I did enjoy them and I found them really interesting. There quite historical books have French and German words in them which I thought was quite good.

Jo of the Chalet School is the second of the Chalet School books, I also enjoyed that one and I think it took me two days to read it? But the two in the series that I have read so far have been quite good.

The Looking Glass Wars. I LOVED this book and when I say loved I really mean love! The story is  a twisted version of Alice in WonderLand. I started reading it and I could not put it down! It took me less than a day to read it. A very definite must read, it’s a series of three and I can’t wait to get the next one!

There, I hope you like some of these books, I definitely enjoyed ALL of them.

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April Book Reviews

OK. This month I did really badly for books as I only read the Diary of Anne Frank!

Anne Frank, how can I explain this book? It blew my mind! Although she’s only talking about the everyday life of her Secret Annex  the way she describes it is amazing! You can actually imagine yourself being there watching her. I couldn’t put it down! Although it’s a book for 14 years old I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I hope to do better for May!

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Febuary Book Reviews.

This is the next instalment of my five books that I have read. This Month I read, Lola Rose by Jacqueline Wilson, Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson, Midnight by Jacqueline Wilson, The Story of Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson  and The Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman.

Lola Rose, is about a girl called Jayni who live with her Mum (Nikki) her Dad (Jay) and her little brother (Kenny). Jayni and her mum live in fear of Jayni’s dad because he is always hitting Jayni’s mum and then when one day Jayni’s dad slaps Jayni, Jayni and her Mum and brother run away. They all choose new names, Jayni chooses Lola Rose but although being Lola Rose is fun for a while Lola Rose soon discovers that having her new life and being a different family isn’t as great as it’s starts out. A good book although I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone under11 or 12 I enjoyed the book.

Best Friends, Gemma and Alice have always been friends, even when they were babies, the two are inseparable but when ALice’s family move away to Scotland Gemma feel as if part of her has been ripped off. A good book, and I would recommend 10′s and overs.

Midnight, is about a girl called Violet, Violet is a bookworm, her favourite author is Casper Dream and would love to meet him, Violet also has an older brother (Will) but their parents are keeping something from them and one day when Violet and Will’s parents go out Violet discovers. A good book but I would recommend 11/12 and overs.

The Story Of Tracy Beaker, Tracy is a fun, feisty loving character, She writes in her life book about everything thing that goes on in the dumping ground (DG) Tracy longs to be fostered well until her mum comes to pick her up from Hollywood. A good book which I have really enjoyed reading, I would suggest it to anyone about 8 and over.

The Ruby in the Smoke, Sally Lockhart receives a strange anonymous letter shortly after her father drowns at sea telling her to beware the 7 blessings, Sally is plunged into mystery trying to find out what really happened to her father. A good book but definitely a 12 and over because it is quite confusing at times and has quite a lot of deaths but definitely a good book.

I hope you try some of these books and enjoy them

This post was taken from my previous blog- Cartwheel Girl’s Blog.

January Book Reviews.

I’m trying to read 5  books each month and do a book summary of each, In January I read Esio Trot by Roald Dahl, The Illustrated Mum by Jacqueline Wilson, Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, The Spooks Battle by Joseph Delaney and The Spooks Mistake also by Joseph Delaney.

Esio Trot, Is about a man, Mr Hoppy who lives  in a flat, the flat beneath him holds the love of his life Mrs Silver, unfortunately Mrs Silver is in love with her pet tortoise but she would like him to grow bigger so Mr Hoppy comes up with a clever idea to help Mrs Silver. I have enjoyed this book and would suggest it to any person who likes a bit of a laugh, enjoys reading as much as I do and is about 10 years old.

The Illustrated Mum, is about two girls, Star and Dolphin, who live with their mum (Marigold). Star and Dolphin do love Marigold but they do wish she would act normal and not be covered in tattoos and go out partying all night. a strong book definitely a book to read although maybe not if you’re under 11.

Inkheart, set in modern day, is about a book, Inkheart, Meggie is 12 years old, 9 years ago her father, Mo, read to her mother Resa but he didn’t know that he could bring the characters from the book into real life, Mo brought three characters from Inkheart, Dustfinger, Capricorn and Basta but at a price, Mo’s wife Resa is whisked into the book along with two of their cats, 9 years later Dustfinger returns to Meggie and Mo’s house and Meggie is thrown into an adventure. I loved this, out of all the January books this is definitely my favourite and I would suggest over the age of 10/11 .

The Spooks Battle and The Spooks Mistake, I have written these 2 together because their from a series of books, these two are the fourth and fifth book about Thomas J Ward who has become the apprentice for the Spook, John Gregory, Thomas Ward helps the Spook defeat the dark, like Boggarts, Witches and the other members of the dark. The Series of the Spook books are quite good but they are a bit scary so I would recommend them for girls and boys 12 and over.

These are all good books and I hope you try some of them and enjoy them as much as I have done.

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The Library.

Recently we signed up to a library.  The library we go to is attached to a school so we hear the school bell every now and again, it made us jump and we thought the fire alarm had gone off!!! The first time we went to the library I brought out The Spook’s Apprentice, The Spook’s Curse, Midnight for Charlie Bone, and Magyk. The two Spook books are really good and I liked them a lot.  It didn’t take me long to finish the Spook books but I didn’t like Charlie Bone it was a bit boring and I never read Magyk. The second time we went to the Library I took out The Spook’s Secret, The Spook’s Battle, Anne Boleyn and Me and The Thief Lord.

I have really enjoyed going to the Library and the books I have been taking out have been really good.

This post was taken from my previous blog- Cartwheel Girl’s Blog.