The thing about braces is…

Earlier this week I had my braces fitted. I’ve been waiting to have them fitted for a while¬† now because my teeth are pretty wonky at the front due to being born with a cleft lip and palate, this should hopefully be the second to last part of cleft intervention I should need. It has taken quite a while for my braces to be fitted because I hadn’t, until recently, lost all my baby teeth which delayed the process considerably and was actually quite frustrating becase I just wanted it over and done with…

The main reasons why I wanted braces was because I am very self-conscious of my teeth, I won’t smile in any picture taken of me because it generally shows how wonky my front teeth are and I really hate that. I did try and smile in some pictures while we were on holiday.
Devon 2014 367

Some of the pictures turned out reasonably well and then there were some that I never wanted to look at again. I’m hoping that my braces will change the way that I view my teeth and give me some extra confidence in myself.

She did it. 2 A*, 2 A's and 7 Bs.

A little bit about me.

I’m Fran, I’m 16, I was born with a cleft lip and palate and I’m the eldest child in my family with three younger sisters and two younger brothers, however unfortunately only one of my brothers are alive today.

I have just finished my GCSEs at my current school and I’m choosing where I’m going to go for sixth form to study A levels. I wasn’t always in the school system though, I used to be home educated and I think that helped me become a hard-working, motivated and dedicated person to all the commitments that I have, both in and out of school.

I do a lot of sport, in some ways it’s one of the things that keeps me going when life is tough or if I feel like my brain is going to implode due to too much revision… I do a lot of gymnastics, dance and rugby, they’re kind of my main three sports but I’ll play other things as well, so at school I did netball, softball, rounders, atheletics and anything else that I was told to do.

I’m quite a social person, I like making friends and being with friends and I think practically all my friends would say I talk too much. Even though I would say I’m quite social and like talking to people I would also say I am quite shy and can often lack confidence in myself, particularly when I am performing, I have a bit of a tendancy to look down which I get told off about on a very frequent basis.

Some of the things I like:

  • Gymnastics.
  • Dance.
  • Sport.
  • Reading.
  • Friends and family.
  • I like to have aim or target of somehing I want to achieve.
  • Helping other people achieve something they want to do.
  • And I cannot think of any more…


Some of the things I don’t really like:

  • Maths.
  • Arguements, I try and avoid these.
  • Noise, I find that too much noise can be quite scary and I hate it.
  • Being told off.
  • My teeth, I’m getting braces soon though so hopefully that dislike will be eliminated.
  • Not being able to do things, it’s frustrating and drives me mad.

So that’s a little bit about me, not very interesting I know so I’ll try and be more interesting in the future, promise!