Project Fran-Learning to cook.

In a couple of years I will be getting ready to go off to University. In my opinion part of the experience of University is learning how to live on your own, this is where I might be slightly stuck. That is why I have decided to start doing something about it and learning some basic skills that will help me.

The first one of these skills is learning to cook proper meals. I often think of myself as a not fussy eater, however that isn’t always true. I don’t like baked beans, milk or bananas (along with other things) and I would quite happily live off salad and chocolate croissaints! Somehow I just don’t think that’s a particuarly well rounded diet…

So, the other day I made lunch, which was tomato soup. I used to love tomato and basil soup when I was slightly younger and my family and I would have it often. But then we stopped having it, various sisters didn’t like tomatoes and as a family we had had just too much tomato soup.

But on Sunday I did make soup, I was quite proud of myself because it actually tasted quite nice and I was told it tasted nice by my family. So, it all went and I didn’t give anyone food poisoning!

The East of England show.

On Friday the 18th of June we went to the East of England show. There were lots of stalls selling things like clothes for horse riding and dog toys. We watched some show jumping while my dad found out where our friends who we were going with were.

When we found our friends they showed us to a cage with some Beagles in it. We were allowed to go in with the Beagles and sit and play with them, they were really friendly and would sit and play with us. There was one little dog who was not a Beagle but a little Jack Russell; she could not walk properly but she was really sweet and licked my shoe.

Then we had lunch; we had to eat quickly because we were booked in to do some cooking. I enjoyed it because I like cooking. We cooked some pasties. I cooked a meat pasty; while they were cooking we looked at different types of flour and did some colouring. Then when our pasties were ready we picked ours up and went outside to eat them.

When we went outside it was raining so we went inside a tent. Inside the tent were some piglets and their mum. At first they were all asleep but later they woke up and were squealing for milk which was very sweet but very noisy. Also there was a flour stall where we ground flour and sieved it; when I was sieving, the flour went all down myself so I was covered in it. But my favourite bit of the tent was the chicks and ducklings. There were three ducklings and a lot of chicks and we were allowed to hold them. I must have had very warm hands because they just settled down completely; the duckling I held had very big feet which it wriggled about, which was really sweet. We also looked at a duck and a chick which had hatched that day. They were so tiny.

Then we sat in the show jumping place intending to watch some show jumping but we had to leave for dancing. I enjoyed the day because I learnt how flour was made and I saw lots of horses. I think I will miss the Beagles and the duckling and chicks the most but I enjoyed being out with my friends and I am definitely going back again next year.

This post was taken from my previous blog- Cartwheel Girl’s Blog.