And the wait is over! (Finally)

Yesterday was a big day. It was results day for GCSEs, as you can probably guess I, alongside many other people, was very nervous. I was awake at 5:00 in the morning and to pass time I watched Doctor Who. But finally the time came, it was 9:00 and I was walking into school, I felt pretty sick and I just wanted it to be over.

I picked up my results and went to stand with a couple of my friends to open them. I think by the time I started to open the envelope containing my results my hands were shaking. And then I took my first look at that piece of paper that was going to tell me whether my hard work had paid off or not.

gcse resuts


gcse results2I cannot even begin to tell you the relief that swept over me when I saw that piece of paper. I had got the grades I needed and to be honest I do not think that I could have done better with all the extra curricular activities that I take part in.

The result that I was proudest of was my Geography. I didn’t expect an A after what had happened in my mocks previously, in which I got a D. I think that my mock result inspired me to do better because I liked the subject and my teacher and I didn’t want to let my teacher down by failing the exam.

I think all my grades were well deserved and I’m not disappointed in any of them. I hope anyone who happens to read this who received either the A level or GCSE grades this week got what they wanted and I wish everyone the best of luck with what they decide to do in the future.

Successful gcse results day cake :) well done @projectfranblogMy celebration cake! Thank you Mummy and Amelie XX

A little bit about me.

I’m Fran, I’m 16, I was born with a cleft lip and palate and I’m the eldest child in my family with three younger sisters and two younger brothers, however unfortunately only one of my brothers are alive today.

I have just finished my GCSEs at my current school and I’m choosing where I’m going to go for sixth form to study A levels. I wasn’t always in the school system though, I used to be home educated and I think that helped me become a hard-working, motivated and dedicated person to all the commitments that I have, both in and out of school.

I do a lot of sport, in some ways it’s one of the things that keeps me going when life is tough or if I feel like my brain is going to implode due to too much revision… I do a lot of gymnastics, dance and rugby, they’re kind of my main three sports but I’ll play other things as well, so at school I did netball, softball, rounders, atheletics and anything else that I was told to do.

I’m quite a social person, I like making friends and being with friends and I think practically all my friends would say I talk too much. Even though I would say I’m quite social and like talking to people I would also say I am quite shy and can often lack confidence in myself, particularly when I am performing, I have a bit of a tendancy to look down which I get told off about on a very frequent basis.

Some of the things I like:

  • Gymnastics.
  • Dance.
  • Sport.
  • Reading.
  • Friends and family.
  • I like to have aim or target of somehing I want to achieve.
  • Helping other people achieve something they want to do.
  • And I cannot think of any more…


Some of the things I don’t really like:

  • Maths.
  • Arguements, I try and avoid these.
  • Noise, I find that too much noise can be quite scary and I hate it.
  • Being told off.
  • My teeth, I’m getting braces soon though so hopefully that dislike will be eliminated.
  • Not being able to do things, it’s frustrating and drives me mad.

So that’s a little bit about me, not very interesting I know so I’ll try and be more interesting in the future, promise!