Project Fran-Learning to cook.

In a couple of years I will be getting ready to go off to University. In my opinion part of the experience of University is learning how to live on your own, this is where I might be slightly stuck. That is why I have decided to start doing something about it and learning some basic skills that will help me.

The first one of these skills is learning to cook proper meals. I often think of myself as a not fussy eater, however that isn’t always true. I don’t like baked beans, milk or bananas (along with other things) and I would quite happily live off salad and chocolate croissaints! Somehow I just don’t think that’s a particuarly well rounded diet…

So, the other day I made lunch, which was tomato soup. I used to love tomato and basil soup when I was slightly younger and my family and I would have it often. But then we stopped having it, various sisters didn’t like tomatoes and as a family we had had just too much tomato soup.

But on Sunday I did make soup, I was quite proud of myself because it actually tasted quite nice and I was told it tasted nice by my family. So, it all went and I didn’t give anyone food poisoning!