Prom night.

Last week (so I apologise for the late post) I went to my year 11 prom. I was terrified, I did not want to go at all. I don’t particularly like big occasions or loud noise so I was slightly baffled as to why I had decided to go to prom. Anyhow, I had decided to go and I couldn’t really back out now.

The day started with a trip to town to get last minute things; which I had forgotten to get previously (I have a bad memory for things if I don’t want to do it…) But we did manage to find everything that I needed without too much trouble and even managed to find a dress for a wedding which was in the sale at Monsoon and so only cost me £20! I was very happy 🙂

After this I had my hair done by my friend and with the help of hair extensions!  The picture below is one of the only photos that focuses on my face where I haven’t immediately thought ‘Ew, that looks terrible!’ And when I showed it to mydance teacher a couple of days later she told me I looked ‘elegant’, I was pretty proud of this as my dance teacher has never called me elegant before…

10341418_10152605077678092_9209977492218561424_nAfter my hair after it had had all its pretty things put in it (this was done by another very good friend of mine), I was starting to feel a bit like Cinderella when she got ready for her ball.

10408903_10152605237943092_8300840677976847677_nThen before I knew it, it was time to put my dress on.I now had butterflies in my tummy because I was so nervous, so I started texting my friend to see if she was as nervous as I was. She was, so I felt slightly better.

I do like these two pictures, they make me smile because I’m smiling in them which is rare when I look at photos of myself because I’m very self conscious of my teeth and I hate my smile so I just don’t smile in photos much anymore.








However this was one of my favourite pictures of the evening, because it managed (and I do not know how) to capture one very quick moment of happiness. I think I sneezed or something like that and got the giggles afterwards.

10414605_10152605682608092_2594207968646028566_nAnd then it was time to go, I was all dressed up and ready to go. I now really felt like Cinderella from the Disney movies in my blue dress and fairytale hair, it was definately a very weird feeling!

936067_10152605677558092_2479568982750863500_nI actually did have a really good time, I sat with some of my really good friends and also people who Iwouldn’t normally talk to which was quite nice. There was even a little awards ceremony and look what I got!

unnamedEven though I had a fantastic evening, I think the highlight of my evening was when my little brother Bene came up to me when I had put my dress and said ‘Fran, pwetty Fran’, my heart melted. He is so cute!