The Library.

Recently we signed up to a library.  The library we go to is attached to a school so we hear the school bell every now and again, it made us jump and we thought the fire alarm had gone off!!! The first time we went to the library I brought out The Spook’s Apprentice, The Spook’s Curse, Midnight for Charlie Bone, and Magyk. The two Spook books are really good and I liked them a lot.  It didn’t take me long to finish the Spook books but I didn’t like Charlie Bone it was a bit boring and I never read Magyk. The second time we went to the Library I took out The Spook’s Secret, The Spook’s Battle, Anne Boleyn and Me and The Thief Lord.

I have really enjoyed going to the Library and the books I have been taking out have been really good.

This post was taken from my previous blog- Cartwheel Girl’s Blog.

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